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Dealer-Mate is Complete, fully integrated, turn-key Dealer Management Software Solution

Dealer-Mate is a complete dealer management software comprised of all the necessary functions to enable auto dealerships to finance their buyers, negotiate and close deals, print forms, manage inventory, leads, finance & insurance (F&I), Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH), Accounting, Parts & Service, Web marketing, VIN decoding and much more!

  • Inventory Management with auto-upload to your web sites
  • Create and recap in-house, bank, lease or cash deals In just few minutes
  • Print any Multi-part or Laser form for all 50 states
  • Complete Parts & Service integrated with DMS
  • Complete web based CRM and real time Lenders Platform
  • Full and seamless Integration with QuickBooks
  • Dealer Web Sites and Auto-Uploading to any popular Site
  • Data Conversion from any DMS
  • BHPH, LHPH, Rent-to-own, Leasing
  • and much more...

Dealer-Mate designed for any size and types of Auto Dealerships

  • Automobile Retail Dealers
  • Leasing Brokers
  • Wholesalers
  • Finance Companies
  • Boat
  • Motorcycle
  • RV
  • Bus
  • Scooters
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Trailers
  • and many other specialties

Dealer-Mate is a leading provider of dealership management system (DMS) software to retail automotive dealerships. Its Automotive Management Productivity Suite is a user-friendly, feature-rich dealership management software in use by more than ~3500 auto dealers nationwide. Originally developed by Dealer-Mate  DMS solution has years of experience and reliability built in. Dealer-Mate offers the best customer service in the industry, with live people answering the phone and minimal hold times for technical support.


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Dealer-Mate recognizes that heavy-truck dealerships are in a league of their own. Mutual collaboration and trust have made many of them some of Dealer-Mate's most loyal customers.

Dealer-Mate is one of the few DMS providers in the business to offer solutions that are both adapted and developed for heavy-truck dealerships. Dealer-Mate understands the needs and challenges specific to the trucking industry.

Heavy-truck dealerships need full control over a large number of suppliers and vendors, pricing fluctuations, and part-specific pricing or discounting. Dealer-Mate's development team and our heavy-truck customers have been collaborating throughout the years and together, have brought about a significant number of enhancements which meet the needs particular to the heavy-truck industry.

Dealer-Mate's software suite is designed to streamline many of the most demanding aspects of running an automobile or heavy-truck dealership. Dealer-Mate can accommodate up to 26 different companies for each server. The software can host a number of divisions as part of the same company. This allows for the management of various types of enterprises linked to your dealership (holdings, leasing companies, RV or power equipment, etc.) all with the same software, making your accounting personnel’s everyday job just a little easier!

Manufacturers such as Freightliner, International, Volvo Mack and Paccar have already recognized Dealer-Mate as a Certified Provider.

Dealer-Mate is a comprehensive truck dealership management system with solutions for every area of business within a dealership. If you run a truck, trailer or heavy-equipment dealership, Dealer-Mate is an ideal choice to advance your business.

With many advanced features to improve profitability in your shop,  an industry leading inventory management system for your parts department and a comprehensive customer relationship management system that provides sales force automation and can be used to create and manage a wide range of marketing campaigns.

Dealer-Mate is used in hundreds of business across the United States and Canada. The windows based interface is easier to learn than conventional text based interfaces yet, fast and still highly “keyboard based” for parts and service managers that want the speed to get customers in and out.


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Need solutions as reliable as the RV's and trailers you sell? Dealer-mate works closely with RV dealers to create high performance RV dealer management solutions (DMS) that help increase profitability, improve customer retention and speed efficiency throughout your operation. As a leading RV DMS provider we work with you to maximize performance in every department:

Dealer-mate develops intuitive and scalable software designed to suit your needs. We currently offer Dealership Management, Point of Sale, solutions for the RV and Marine industries. With comprehensive sales, service, and parts management,  that make our customer's lives easier by improving efficiency and increasing your bottom line. Our philosophy is "As you grow, we grow with you", and this approach to business has helped us meet the needs of many industry partners. We strive to exceed our customer's expectations by delivering high quality software solutions designed for your business while providing personalized customer service.

Whether you have one RV location or several, you need an integrated dealer solution that will streamline your operations management and support your growing RV business.

Dealer-mate provides you with the most complete RV dealer software solution on the market. Developed specifically for dealers in the RV industry, just like you, our detailed reports, true multi-user and multi-location capabilities, and overall ease-of-use make Dealer-mate the RV dealer management software of choice for the most successful dealerships.

Dealer-mate continues to empower the RV industry through new products and solutions designed to streamline processes and make your RV dealership more profitable. Dealer-mate  our newest and most powerful RV dealer management software (DMS) solution, continues this tradition by providing the latest cutting-edge features and enhancements designed to save time and boost profits in your RV business.


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That is the basic theory of why you need a DMS. But if you are reading this, you are probably looking to know more specifically how you will benefit directly from this investment.

It would be nearly impossible to list all the benefits you will see from a DMS in a paper such as this, but read on for an overview of how each department and your business in general will benefit.

One more general item to note is in regard to training. The onsite training that should come with a full-featured integrated DMS is a great opportunity to define and or to fix your operational processes. The trainers should work with your employees to wrap the system around the processes that work, while using the system's inherent processes to fix the parts of your pre-existing habits that are a source of distraction. A properly implemented system with trained staff will ensure that your employees can execute on the business basics - the everyday blocking and tackling - freeing up the owner and managers to focus on value-added activities.

Dealer-Mate provides you with the most complete boat and Marine dealer software solution on the market. Developed specifically for dealers in the Marine industry, just like you, our detailed reports, true multi-user and multi-location capabilities, and overall ease-of-use make Dealer-Mate the Marine/Boat dealer management software of choice for the most successful dealerships.

Dealer-Mate has created integrations that allow Boat dealerships selling certain boat companies, such as Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, US Marine, and more, to submit warranty pre-authorization and request claims and product registrations, as well as order part and download part pricing information through the Dealer-Mate Dealer Management System (DMS). This will truly eliminate double data entry on many laborious processes and increase organization and efficiency. In addition, Dealer-Mate has teamed with Brunswick to provide BDA members with special marine dealer incentives.


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Dealer-Mate works closely with Motorsports specialty dealers to create high performance Powersports dealer management solutions that help increase profitability, improve customer retention and speed efficiency throughout your operation. As the Powersports leading DMS provider we work with you to maximize performance in every department:

D-M is a full dealer management system for Powersports and Motorcycle dealers that will integrate and automate all aspects of your business including sales, parts, service, purchasing, F&I and accounting departments.

It is the most user-friendly software in the industry that is based on the latest Windows and cloud technology and provides hundreds of useful features that are specifically designed to make an extremely complex and proficient system easy to use even for computer novice. 

We have been in the motorcycle industry for nearly 20 years and work with all the major manufacturer's including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, BMW, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Aprilia, Peugeot, Piagio, KTM, Husky.

Automatically upload your inventory with pictures and ads to many popular Bike Web sites including MCN, Trader, Bikes4Sale, and the new free Bennetts clasifieds.

27 years strong

Nobody has more experience in the motorcycle industry than we do. Easily handles complex sales with Trade-ins, Finance settlement, Multi-payment options, Internal costs, Write-downs, Bump-ups, Used unit scheme. Built in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and messaging system.

Fast & easy invoicing. Intelligent bar-coding features. Unique system for finding items without knowing the part numbers. Multiple stores / Branches / Companies. Easily handles retail special orders, trade backorders, service kits, booking items to workshop jobs, auto prompts to improve sales and a lot more.

Vehicle Sales

Built in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and messaging system. Handles complex multi-vehicle sales with Trade-ins, Finance settlement, Multi-payment options, Internal costs, Write-downs, Bump-ups, Used Vehicle scheme.

Auto-alerts, Multi-person diaries, Tasks, Employee logging, Detailed reporting with Quick report and scheduling, auto email options, Web-store management, Loyalty cards, Multi-branch, Automatic SMS or Email reminders for Jobs ready, parts in. Set your customers invoices, estimates, statements and reminders.


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Dealer-Mate has been providing effective, efficient Business Management software exclusively to the Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer market. From its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Dealer-Mate continues to focus on developing specialized software to meet the unique demands of this market. Each of the modular components of the fully integrated Dealer-mate will assist you in getting the most from every part of your business operations. Our personnel are specifically trained to assist you with each step in the process from initial inquiries to installation, training and support. In business, it’s good to know you have a partner that is as interested in your success as you are.

  • Platform Independent: Windows, Linux & AIX
  • Supply Your Own Hardware
  • Single Site to Multiple Sites
  • Multi-Dimensional Database
  • On-site Training & Consulting
  • Archive & Email Directly From The System

We have reliable solutions for management of truck dealerships. We work closely with the trailer dealers and developed a software that will help increase your profitablity,makes dealership management easy, helps with customer retention and also increases efficiency in all aspects of your dealership activities. 

Dealer-Mate integrates with NADA BlackBook, AutoCheck, CarFax, Manheim and Kelley Blue Book and with other wide range of softwares and service features.  

Dealer-Mate also supports seamless integration with the popular accounting software QuickBooks so you can save valuable time not having to keep entering the same data over and over again. From Dealer-Mate you can also export all deals, payments, adjustments and also inventory into QuickBooks. 

Dealer-Mate also provides Leasing and Buy Here Pay Here functionality. These modules provide seamless integration with our dealer management system solution. 

You can install our state of the art  truck dealer management system on a local PC or access it on the cloud. Please download a free 45 days trial today!


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Our powerful and yet user friendly DMS Software answers fast growing demand of Commercial Van and Van conversion Dealers operating in this busy and unique market niche.

A Van, or a van truck, is a two axle, enclosed commercial vehicle. Vans come in all shapes and sizes from several manufacturers, and have been manufactured for commercial use for 30 years in the USA. Types of vans for sale you will find Include panel vans, passenger vans, and other cargo vans. 

Our Dealer-Mate software has all the necessary fields in database to accommodate description of all Commercial Vans and custom Van conversions - customized vehicles designed specifically for handicapped people. 

The small commercial van market has become a hot topic in the past few years. The Ford Transit, a European cross-over, and Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo offer plenty of space, a small footprint and the optimum all-around capabilities small business owners are looking for. Dealer-Mate sees an opportunity to provide software solutions to Dealers selling and servicing such popular vehicles. 


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Dealer-Mate is a recognized leader in the industry of the Dealer Specialty Software. We provide dealerships specializing in sales and service of new and used heavy duty trucks and equipment with total turn-key dealership management software solutions. Our revolutionary software helps dealers to manage their day-to-day operations who specialize in used municipal trucks such as Garbage Trucks, Dump Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Sewer Trucks, Crane Trucks, Water trucks, Fire Trucks as well a as specialized construction equipment such as Bulldozers, Backhoes, Vibratory Compactors, Motor Graders and paving equipment. In fact, our mission is to provide most affordable and comprehensive unique specialty custom fitted dealer software to used heavy duty municipal trucks and used construction equipment & used heavy machinery dealerships who struggle while utilizing multiple generic, none-integrated software programs that can not possible provide the necessary functionality and answer the needs of these dealers. Try our free trial version fully functioning software and let us lead you in the right direction!


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Choose best Dealer website template

Dealer-Mate will build your web site to be a digital domain of your inventory and will help you to sell your inventory and create the ever so important trust and credibility in your dealership. Your site will reflect your unique personality, will reveal and tell the story of who you really are, what are your main goals in this business and what kind of quality product you are delivering to your inventory buyers. 

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Use Cloud Dealer-Mate as easy as Desktop

Dealer-Mate can run on your local Computer or Network, as well as over the Internet as a pure "Cloud" Version. Access your Software from anywhere, using PC, Mac, Tablet or any Smart Phone device, like the popular iPad, iPhone or Droid.You can install our state of the art auto dealer management system on a local PC or access it on the cloud.

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Thousands of Satisfied Customers

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Dealer-Mate has helped us get our used car operation off the ground with its cloud technology it has made transition and access extremely easy. Coming from a new car DMS system that we run on our new car lots, the customer service is comforting and always quick in response to questions with the system. It is a great product for a very reasonable price.


Posted By: Derek Groppetti
Valley Cars, Visalia, CA

I just wanted to let you know how excited we are with your latest system upgrades. My Craig's list listings are easier and better looking with your latest changes. My phone has been ringing off of the hook with these latest changes. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.


Posted By: Richard F. Rosebush
Destinations Mobility, Sacramento CA

The Dealer-Mate software is second to none. I looked at a few different programs and decided to go with DM. What a great choice! It gives you all the resources to use the buy here pay here system or the simple means to do cash sales. They cut the time I spent on paperwork in half and as a new dealer, my time and money is valuable. Thanks again Anatoly. You have a great product!


Posted By: Brandon R
B & C Sales

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